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I am a Warrior


My name is Heather Morgan. I grew up for the first 10 years in the town of Pt Augusta in South Australia. At the age of 10 I was sent to live with my biological father in a little outback town in NSW called Bourke. I was only going for a holiday with my older sister and brother however one month turned into forever, or so it seemed.

It was 15 years before I escaped.   Get help with life events

I Know what it is like to experience depression, anxiety, PTSD and a whole lot of other mental and emotional disorders that go along with that type of trauma.

Your mind becomes your biggest enemy, which is why I chose to get help, recover, train, get qualified and now run a practice to ensure others can get help. Living in a regional area where help is often a long way away or expensive to travel to, I decided to remain local.

Acceptance was my challenge and it took a long time before I came to realise that it actually wasn’t my fault. I found the older I got the more I blamed myself. The demons getting stronger every day, the longer you hold out, the more stress and pain builds up, it seems that they win more often than you do. The battle becomes so great sometimes, that you just want to give up.

Therefore, it is important that you seek help now pick up the phone and call me:

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Why fight when there really is nothing to fight for, help is at hand you just have to reach out? I know It really feels like you’re fighting a losing battle. You see psychiatrists and psychologists and counsellors and Drs, you try this pill and that pill, this treatment and that, and you stay on the little merry go round, going around and around.

No one really listens to you, because they already know, they have seen thousands like you and will likely see thousands more and you… You are just a number. The day has come for you to take back some control  you can do it.

I don’t even know why, that I knew then, it was time to fight, one last battle, one last time, pick up the phone and reach out, what do you have to loose?

I went to the Dr, and told him I didn’t want any more of his pills, I wanted something more, something that would actually help me overcome this burden, to release the hold the trauma from my past had over me. I felt a burning in my soul, that life, that my life, that I was meant for more than this. Surely, we are not born just to die?

We have so much to offer, to give to each other, surely there is a better way? I wanted to find a better way, to live a better life. I fought so hard, but it’s not the same when the battle is in your head and they can’t see the demons you fight.

The battle can be won; the demons can be laid to rest. There is not a battle that we face, that we cannot win, if we believe. I can show you there is a fire in your soul, that burns deep within. That guides and gives strength.  it’s part of you, it’s who you are.

We are all survivors of something,  its time to find your Warrior within.

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