Anxiety disorder-Everyone has a story


Heather’s story.

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This is mine and what led me to developing this website is to reach others and offer hope when it all seems too much.

My name is Heather Morgan,

I was a type 2 diabetic, with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high anxiety (I could do anxiety better than any one I know, I was even anxious about being anxious) PTSD, fear phobias and had numerous panic attacks daily. I smoked too much and drank more than I should have.
The trauma I had suffered through my childhood and young adult years, kept me a prisoner to my past, culminating in the final thought that it all had to end. Very few knew about my past, and those that did considered me strong, when I was in fact hiding behind a facade of strength.
To this day, I don’t know how or why I survived my “final call”, I only know that I’m so happy I did. Through my training, and my personal experience, I have learned that, you can go through the most horrific events and you can dwell on it, you can keep reliving it, you can allow it to dictate your life, you can allow your past to define you. Or you can see it as a lesson, learn from it, let it go and go on (Notice I don’t say forget).
Your past doesn’t define you, unless you let it. You are the person you are because of the lessons of your past, and you can continue to let it control your outcomes or you can take charge, and achieve the outcome you really want…