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become a life  Performance coach through the NLP Practitioner Certifcation Training

8 glorious days at Silver Sands Beach Retreat, enjoying NLP Practitioner Training.

• Day Spa for the Mind
• 4 Certificates
• Personal & Professional Development
• Accelerate your Success
• Start a Coaching Business
• Improve Relationships
• Increase Clients & Sales
• Focus on Wellbeing
• Increase your Emotional Intelligence
• BONUS accommodation for the first 6 bookings
• BONUS retreat activities

Who is this training for? Anyone and everyone. If after reading this, you can’t see how it can help you, please comment below or message us and we can chat to you personally.

Do you want to achieve more in your personal and professional life?

How would you like to easily and efficiently deal with the things that life throws up at you? Whatever they are and in whatever context it may be.

Would you like to gain qualifications, to help people, help others, coach and facilitate change?

How would you like to change and learn specific, easy to apply, techniques and processes to create the results you want in your life, career, business, health and relationships?

This 8-day retreat and training will provide you with the most effective coaching skills and tools, to utilize in any relationship – with your children, partner, work colleagues, management, the board and your clients to create change and results – would that be of value to you?

Most of what we do is based on relationships – relating in one way or another with people – and that requires communication. How would you like to learn how to build instant rapport, get your message across and easily influence, motivate and negotiate for a win-win situation? What does that mean? More clients, more sales, more impact and buy-in.

What if you could overcome whatever in your life is overwhelming you, when family gets in the way of business, and you’re feeling conflicted, lack focus and clarity?
Or, perhaps you are ready to make a career change but don’t know what to do, or how to? Would you be interested in joining this training if we could take you through a process and help you to not only figure it out, but also, have a plan and be totally motivated and focused to make it happen?

Message now for a discovery call…to find out if this is for you.

to book please text or call 0439341418

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